Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cooking, stitching, DUH!, and Milo...

a morning of baking ..
dark & white choc chip rainbow biscuits ..

Sebs stocking ..
Shepherds Bush, almost finished ..
then to start on Mads.

whats this ????
well let me tell you ..
this morning while cleaning the
screen of the t.v.
Seb walks up and asks .."what's this"??
it's the plastic protective film on the screen
that you are meant to remove when you get the t.v
ok so t.v. is over 4 years old .
so maybe we should remove it ..
took over 1/2 hr to get it off  and now sitting watching
shows with the sunnies on..
its so bright
you can see by the colour of the film, its quite dark,
now we have a bright t.v.
its like new, and no scratches on the screen.

and Milo.
he has this green ball that you put treats in.
we put in a broken up shmacko in it.
it holds it in his front little paws
and get it out with his tongue

keeps him amused for at least...
2 minutes

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coral said...

I love the biccys ......and the TV screen lol...