Saturday, August 13, 2011

Green Lantern ... 3 versions ...

Version 1

The Movie ...

Ryan Reynolds..
as Green Lantern.
be still my beating heart, he can save me anytime.

Seb and I went tonight and watched it in 3D.
Green lantern has been one of Sebs
most love superheroes ..

that brings us to..

Version 2 ..

 and we have a young
Green Lantern

there was no Green Lantern
costume around ..anywhere...
and he was virtually  an unknown
superhero ..
 what is a mum to do
when all her son wants is a
Green Lantern costume ???
get one made especially for him ...
and he loved it ....


Version 3 ..

Movie World Green Lantern ...

who was very surprised to see a mini version
of himself ...

The 10 years he had been there he had never seen
a costume and was very impressed.
He asked Seb to meet him and he organised
the Movie world photographer
to come along and take photos.
When we left that day, everyone of the
characters new Seb by name and he walked
in the main parade with him ..
and we got it all on video
ready for his 21st ...

The BIG Green Lantern
taught Seb the LITTLE Green Lantern
The Green Lantern Oath ...

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
 Beware my power…
Green Lantern’s light!
 And FYI ...
The oath is something that the Green Lantern says every time that he charges up his power ring.Each member of the Green Lantern Corps has his own unique oath, yet the purpose is the same – to give him the strength and will that he needs to serve the world with justice and to save it from a multitude of different evils time and time again. The oath is something that each Green Lantern says to himself and is a sort of a daily affirmation that lets him know that he is strong and courageous enough to go out and fight the good fight! The oath is the inner fire that brings forth the power to let justice prevail, not just over Earth but across countless galaxies throughout the universe. The legend of the Green Lantern is widely known all across the world and will always be one of the most influential superheroes of all time.

and while watching the movie trailers
for upcoming movies, I see
we have
 Spiderman  - no costume ..
The Dark Knight ....
yes we had a costume for batman, but
the most favourite and completely worn out costume was
 Robin Boy Wonder ...

Once again he picked a superhero
who wasnt a lead character ..but we did get a costume
for him ..

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coral said...

Oh my Seb is adorable what a great superhero.