Thursday, July 14, 2011

school holidays ....

are into the 2nd week and kids have cost me a fortune ..
think thats the only reason why I work
 but they are having a good time, pictures, extra kids here,
kids there, Mad had a "luncheon" for 5 girls from
her school on Monday, they had a great time.
we are home today
and doing nothing..pyjama day I think ..for them, not me..
yesterday a dentist visit, all had been fine up until I heard the word
Apprently both have a "deep bite". Mad needs to see
an orthadontist straight away since she is getting to the
slower stage of growing, so need to make an
appointment, Seb can wait another 2 years as he is still
growing ...
there goes my tax return i think  :-(
i was hoping to get an Ipad ...oh well
teeth come first ..but hopefully
she wont neeed them..fingers crossed.

also one of the fab 4 has been very bad..
showing us a picture - above

did i need it..yes I did ...

have been stitching on Sebs SB stocking, started
LK Halloween rules, and been stitching on the
redwork angels, onto #3.
i also was bad and ordered another set of
christmas designs .. have traced 4 of those ready to
go.they are easy to stich while watching t.v.
ok Masterchef ..and oh how frustrated I am getting with that
show...not being mean but
Sun, Danni & Ellie have to go ...
Hayden & Billie in final 2 ..
well thats my prediction ..


Vicky said...

I have totally given up on Masterchef, people who have no organisational skills seem to stay in the show forever! I really hope Hayden wins :)

coral said...

I love the poinsettia cupcake and the one with the bow ...they are very pretty. Very us matey...