Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Negativity ...

Why is there so much out there right now ...

I cant believe how negative some people can be, and
the first thing that pops into their mind is a negative thought.

I am on a cross stitch board ...and its
a great board and a whole range of topics come up.
but lately everything is so negative ...

There was a post about NY legalising gay marraige ...
my first thought ...
yay to NY...finally and about time,
it effects me in no way, but i am happy for those involved.

but then the people against it come on , and probably like me, have nothing
to do with it, but sprout their bible bashing
and posting bible verses left, right and centre ...and these are so called christians ...
i believe everyone has an opinion, and I respect that,
if you belive in God , fine with me,
but to say some of the ugly things they do about being gay
is not very christian to me ...

then another post ..

about a US policeman proposing marriage
to his girlfriend over the police radio ..
their first thought ...
" did he get permission", " hopefully it was in down time".
seriously ... I am sure he got permision, but my first
thought was ..." how romantic and nice" ...not something negative ...

i have also stopped face book, finding that
to many whingers, whiners, who complain about the
same old things ...OMG try and at least change
the problem rather than moaning about it all the time ..
also finding little things I might need to know by a phone call / txt/ email
is on FB for everyone to see ... and if I didnt see it
well my fault ...
and things posted that me and most likely everyone dosent need to know ..

so this is probably my negative post,
but i believe you make what you want of your life,
and that some people are just born whingers and aren't happy
unless they can make someone miserable, or play the
"poor me" victim ...

i think its a lot easier to smile &  be happy
rather than a grumpy old whinger ..

so smile and be happy so much better .



Vicky said...

I have a very negative friend and after doing lunch with her I come away on a downer, maybe that is why I don't catch up with her as much as I used to.
I only use Facebook for playing games LOL

Mel said...

This is directed at the gay marriage/cop proposing thing:
I don't think anyone should judge anyone about anything really.
So what if a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman. What business is it to anyone else but the couple involved! Do they not have the right to get married? And so what if the cop proposed over the radio. Why can't they see that as romantic? I loathe negativity. I was feeling very sorry for myself at the beginning of the year. I finally worked out, if I keep being negative then I am not going to get any better. So while I still get pain I try to take my mind off it by emmersing myself in cakes, cross stitch, my family. I don't do message boards. Some (not all) of those witches need to go get a LIFE!

Lee-Ann said...

girls, you understand ..Mel where do you sound like me...and do you eat the cakes too ?? if you do, we could do it together .. lol

its so much easier and better being happy..

Bette said...

Such a great post. More people need to read this. And as a Christian I won't (and don't) bash people with my Bible. It's not my way. I'd rather reach out in love. And my best friend at work is a gay guy.

coral said...

My fab 4 sister Lee-Ann you are preaching to the converted high five. I have backed away from the message boards and immersing myself in other things...just need to get time to immerse properly...
My family including 4 legged, my precious friends, cooking, stitching, garden,walking Darcy is such a joy we actually watched some swallows gliding around up at our paddock this morning. They were so pretty. A sunny Winters day today such joy.