Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend update of the Fab 4 ...

Well the weekend is over  :-( and it went so quick ..
but we had a ball ...

one of things we do is have
a GTG project.
this year it was Just Nans Gingerbread Stocking.
we stitched it before we got togther
and then put it togther ..with Corals help ..
this is how they turned out ...
 I was also very spoilt by gifts from the girls ...
below is the gift from Coral,
I was in on her secret with the boxes for us girls.
she was like a kid at christmas
so wxcited for us to open our presents..
and yes we were spolit ..

 inside the box ...
 hand made gifts and little surprises galore

Just Nans little pin keep, so cute and sweet ..

Gift from Helen, which was so appropriate ...

And since we were having a Christmas themed project, she made us a christmas
themed gift bag...
little christmas pins, Threadworx Christmas thread, and some Bohin needles to try.
 and for me...choc coated coffee beans...2 favourites in 1 ..chocolate & coffee

and from Lissy .. A Masterchef tea towel and pot holders...wonder how she knew I liked master chef  lol
And this beautiful Easter mat she made ...BTW ..she won a prize with this mat ..the prize ..cake of course  lol
so thats it for another year,
roll on 2012 for our next GTG
and we are in the middle of figuring out what the
2012 GTG project will be
Think its going to be somethig to do with food ..
as the Fab 4 loves FOOD ... xxxx

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Helen said...

Glad you enjoyed your pressies 