Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 15 - Legoland

And everything at Legoland is based on lego or made of Lego !
Seb was like a child in a candy store - a bit like me in the cross stitch store haha
as soon as we got in..straight to the Big Shop as its called and he was so confused as what to buy.
He ended up getting for the day 5 Star wars sets, all of which I dont think you can get in
Australia, so he was one very happy boy..and now he has no spending money left.
Used all his money he had saved and his birthday money, but that is what he was planning on doing, so he did well to last 15 days and only spend a little. Mnd you I think I have spent heaps !
there were quite a few rides they went on which they enjoyed, but think overall he was a little to old for the park..the shops no, but rides yes.
there was one ride I went on with him, a spray boat, where you spray water canons, well we ended up soaked . .. photos below, and another ride with a mechanical arm that flips you every which way, they loved that and went on it 3 times.

a little wet but so much fun

every year since Seb was born I always take a photo with his Bob the Builder doll on his birthday, to see how much he has grown.Well bob isnt here, so we had to take a photo with this Bob. But this Bob is so much bigger than his one back home

all his goodies

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Bronny said...

Oh Harry is so going to spit when I show him the photo of Seb with his StarWars Lego!!! Is Seb going to open them up now and start building - or does he have to wait until he gets home???? I'm enjoying your holiday photos.