Monday, March 22, 2010

Its back to normal ...

and I dont like it ..LOL

would rather be at Disneyland feeling like I am going to throw up on one of the rides the kids drag me onto .. anywhere but here ..

have caught a bad cold since arriving home, so a visit to the doctor - to make sure I havent brought a "mystery" virus back along with everything else just rest - haha and some medicine and feeling better.

went thru all the photos over 2000 in photo withdrawal, need to take a photo soon LOL and have just been and printed out about 360, some for the kids to scrapbook over the school holidays, which I knew but didnt register its this weekend ! then its easter ..think easter bunny is going cheap this year !

Its going to be a cheap school holidays and they can spend it at home and do their photos, I am planning on getting some stitching in, have touched it since a week before we left, since being home it been busy. Back at work on Saturday - didnt forget a thing LOL and Seb had is soccer breakup on Sunday, but he is playing his last indoor soccer game - the grand final this Sunday.

so not much to report...and no photos ...going to have to take one of something ..xxxx


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon honey bun:)((()))

Coral said...

Love Coral

coral said...

OH My Gosh tha above three comments are from me

Lee-Ann said...

are you hogging my comments Coral haha xx