Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 5...Disneyland

We left the hotel at 8.30am for Disneyland and got back at 8.30pm...and what a day.

Apart from all the rides we went on..and the very first ride was...THE TEACUP RIDE and the pink one at that ! and all the character photos, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, the pins the kids were buying. and then waiting for the parade at 7pm.

we were sitting on the curb on Main Street eating choc muffins and hot choc for tea - yes i know not the healthiest of meals...but just needed something ..well thats our excuse, and we really wanted sandwiches, but couldnt find any. Getting a bit over takeaway.

Then a guy came up and asked us about the volunteer program disney run, said i had heard about it and we were talking about it, then asked if we wanted to be in the PARADE !!

umm... YES !! kids couldnt get up quick enough.

we were taken out the back with all the cast to get ready, there were 16 of us and all got badges, put in a car, Jon stayed out the front with the 1000's of others to video us. We drove down the main street waving and cheering until the end, then taken out and had a group photo, then taken to a reserved area where the rest of the parade stopped and we could dance and party with the characters for 20 mins.

what a night, at Movie world we got to open the park 2 years ago, and now we help to close Disneyland for the night. what an experience..

The view from the car in the parade looking up
main street towards the castle

In the car waving and thinking we are somebody haha

At the end after dancing and doing the conga with the characters.


Bette said...

What an exciting time that must have been for all of you!

Bronny said...

What a great chance and experience for you and the kids!!! I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear for you!! This IS the experience of a lifetime!! Thank you so very much for sharing!