Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 7 & 8..Warner Bros, LA Galaxy & Disneyland..

went and did the Warner Bros tour arounf the sound stages. The Mentalist was shooting at the time, so got to see a bit of that, but no Simon Baker.
Also saw the set for 2 1/2 men, very interesting how they make the sitcoms.
Also saw the ellen de generes studio from afar, was so hoping to get closer, but did go past her offices.
Also went and saw the Friends set,

After the tour, we promised Madeline we would find the Bewitched and Jeannie house.
well we found them..behind a huge wall, asked a security guard if there was any chance of getting in to see.. NO, they dont do tours or take anyone around.
She was so disappointed..BUT
We did take her to see the Brady Bunch house..
here it is.. can you recognise it..well if you admit you actually watched it LOL
Marcia, marcia, Marcia !
After that we headed to LA Galaxy - Soccer -David Beckham
COuldnt see the actual stadium which I knew, so into the shop, 30 mins later, out with 2 tops, boots, and ball for Seb happy little soccer player.

The yesterday back to Disneyland and to see Tinkerbell


Bronny said...

Yah boo Pah! at the security guard, but I suppose he has to do his job...
Tinkerbell is so horrid it must be to be paid to maintain that figure! lol
These photos are great - bet Seb has almost worn out his soccer gear already!

Jane said...

Hi Lee-Ann, I'm loving all your updates on your trip. Makes me feel like I'm almost there! Sounds like you're all having a wow of a time. Enjoy the rest.