Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 12 & 13 Las Vegas

Ok so I missed a few days, but it was onlt at Universal studios and Disneyland..again !
But yesterday - Monday we drove to Las Vegas, 4.5 hrs. It was thru the Mojave desert and mountians every where, then there's Vegas ... not that impressive during the day, but at night WOW.
we got on a double decker open top bus and went up and down the Strip to see everything. It was so cold we ended up down stairs.

We stayed at Circus Circus on the 30th flr, the hotel has its own amusement park inside, rollercoasters, side show games, upside down make you vomit rides, and the kids went on all of them. I just watched.
This morning when wer got up you could see little flurries od snow falling, by time it got to the ground it would be gone, and driving home there was snow on the mountians.
Arrived home just after 6, and went to Disneyland for thr parade and to pick up Seb a birthday badge and present for tomorrow. His 9th birthday, we are having a buffet breakfast with Goofy.

view from the room

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