Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 4

Venice Beach, Hollywood sign & Dodger Stadium
Venice Beach.. what a place!
we arrived to have brunch there and walk the boardwalk. the sights you see apart from the beautiful beach are amazing..
I could have worn my sequined and beaded bikini while visiting the marijuana doctor to cure all problems, then if I needed more just pop to the outside vendors to purchase more. Also I could have given a buck to a wine-o - his description on his A board he was wearing and singing
" merry christmas and give me a buck so I can drunk !" or another with a bit a ripped cardboasrd saying he was going to use his dollar to fill up his bong ! Very interesting sights..

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Hollywood sign..
It was interesting to see the neighbourhood surrounding the sign. I thought it would be opulent and massive mansions, but no they were average if not, very run down houses, with a few nicer houses in between. Also the street to get you there is very narrow that only 2 cars can just pass each other and winds up the mountain.

Dodger Stadium - baseball
We finally found the stadium after taking a wrong turn, a bit more sight seeing than was planned LOL
Well we got there and the gates were shut and another entrance open for a RV convention.
100's of cars queing up, so we took a photo of the back entrance ..but we were there.

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