Monday, February 21, 2011


Went and saw mum tonight, she was sitting up slightly, eating
a sandwich and having a coffee -to stop the vomiting.
She has pain meds going directly into her thigh rather than a drip or tablets.
that will be in for about 2-3 days.
She was better than what I thought which was a relief.
Up tomorrow walking ...thats going to be the hard part.
But positiv this new knee wil be 100% better for her.
She is 68 & 8 mths old - only know as it was on her
arm band ..hehe .. and all the doctors
have said how healthy & strong she is...
Before she went in this morning, they gave her 2 "panadol"
dont think it was the type we take everyday, but a hospital
version really realxed and her and made her rather silly lol
she commented tonight she is going to ask for some for home..
think i might get some too ..hehe

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