Wednesday, February 2, 2011


well there is only 1 day left of school holidays for Sebastian,

and until Monday for Madeline.

They have been on summer /end of school year holidays

since December 17th.

I cant believe the holidays are over and Seb will be in grade 4

& Mad in Yr 7 ...

where have the holidays gone, better still where have my babies

gone ??

we have had fun swimming ..them not me lol, pictures, trips to Melbourne,

shopping, lunch dates, play dates .. sleepovers, and christmas in that


But where have my babies gone, they are now both well mannered, kind, gentle

small adults ..cant call them babies anymore.

They also can look me in the eye, and I will end up looking up at them ..

so far so good with raising them, and with Madeline & the teenage years

about to begin, is going to be so much fun ..hehe

hopefully her dad and I have installed values in her

that she will understand & keep ..

Santa, Easter Bunny & the tooth fairy are

now mythical creatures, Thomas the tank, bob the builder, wiggles ...are no longer watched.

Its Premier UK league soccer and discussions about the game, Mythbusters,

Glee, Lady GaGa, Katie Perry,

no more Happy Meals but outdoor cafe style

eateries ..

they can do the dishes & make their beds, also vacumm -thats a bonus

and "mum you're embarassing" lol

No more bed time stories, but grown up converstions about facts of life .. arrghhh..

but they are and will be always my babies no matter how big they get

and the coverstaions & questions they ask ..

and santa & easter bunny will still be visiting

this house ...


Bette said...

They will never stop being your babies no matter how old they get. Ask me how I know. LOL!

Danielle said...

You are very lucky to have well mannered and nice chi,dren. I love the pic of them at the top of your blog! said...

Lee-Ann welcome to young people world they will test you but they will still love you...