Friday, October 7, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like


in OCTOBER !!!

78 more sleeps to be exact ...

I took Mad & Seb to Melbourne today
with my mum and met up with
my BFF Helen ..who needed a day out xx
last day of the school holidays, and
of course we ate ...

apple danish
iced chocolate
for kids

mango-passionfruit & chocolate
macaron for me
at Laurent ...

then off shopping, went to Myer
and found the
christmas department ...
 Seb browsing ...

a funky bright tree ..

or an
 themed tree

or a $5500
full size reindeer in pink & white stripped tights
candle holder - antellers hold the candles

I brought my 2011 ornament
and one for my new neice, oh and another
3 ..
and found this ornament tree
note sure if I should leave
it raw or paint it ..

a day out with 4 of my favourite people
doing my 2 of my favourite things..
eating & christmas

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coral said...

Lucky things looks like you all had a ball...