Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally some finishes...

Boo Club
11 October 2011
After 2 days of having a good relationship
with the sewing machine   -our past history hasnt been good!
I have finished 4 things ...
Above is
Lizzie Kate Boo Club
I know we dont celebrate Halloween in Australia
but I love the colours.
especially purple & orange.
The back is lined with the orange.

 Sebastians Stocking
11 October 2011
And after 12 years both Mad & Seb have
christmas stockings..they still have their
pillow case style ones.
these are a keepsake / heirloom I hope.

They are Shepherds Bush
Harry & Elisabeth charts.

 the back of his stocking,

 Madelines Stocking
11 October 2011
I still need to do her
"made by" label
11 October 2011
And Shepherds Bush
Merry Be ...


Helen said...

Very nice Lee-Ann :)

coral said...

Oh my Madelines stocking is very pretty...they are all terrific !

Vicky said...

Love all the finishes :0)

Colours of the Outback said...

love your finishes! Beautiful!

Kay said...

Love the stockings Lee-Ann, having completed nine, I'd need too.:)
They are a great stitch, I love how they work up so quickly. Still have a few more to do & I love how they add to the decorating at Christmas.