Friday, January 4, 2008

Its 2008 ....

Well its 2008 ....where has 2007 gone and what have we done ??
New Years day was spent recovering from NYE - not hangovers, but the heat. The children got supersoakers for Christmas and I went and got us one as well, so we spent the afternoon getting each other. They both thought ganging up on mum was the best thing, and I was "so cool" getting so wet ! How could you not with 2 constantly laughing and filling up and drowning you. You can put ice blocks inside it to make the water icy cold - Sebastian was slightly disappointed he thought they actually fired ice blocks ....
So for 2007, Sebastian started Prep and Madeline grade 3. Both did excellent and loved school. Its amazing to see Sebastian read, from reading a few words to reading books.
This year they move onto Grade 1 & 4 and Sebastian turns 7, Madeline into "double figures" 10. We are also hoping to head to sunny Qld in June for 2 weeks - Movie World here we come.
Lets hope 2008 is a great year xxxxx

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