Tuesday, January 8, 2008

back to work ....

Madeline loves to play around with photos and this is what she has come up with ... good family portrait of us.
Well I am back to work tomorrow, can't believe I have had 2 weeks off and Christmas and New Year have come and gone ...

Hoping to get a few more hours at work and I will find out tomorrow. If not I am going to be out there looking for a new job. Maybe a change will be good.

Havent done much in the school holidays apart from Supersoaker fights with the kids, playing PS2 with them - getting good at Buzz Monster rumble, I can beat the spare monster ... and seeing Alvin and the chipmunks. Ok yes it was good and I did laugh. Sebastian has had a sleep over at a friends so I had a sleep over with Madeline in my bed, watching a dvd on my new t.v. She also has asked to go to see Enchanted, which is a girly movie - so we will have a girls night together.

Next week have to take Sebastian to get an outfit for my brothers wedding in Feb, have a dress for Madeline on layby so just have to pick it up. Have mine already and have to get some jewellery to go with it. We are planning on heading to Melbourne one day, so will look up there.

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