Thursday, October 4, 2007

School holidays are nearly over

The School holidays are nearly over and we have done quite a few things.
Tuesday we went to Jan Juc beach and had a fun afternoon with friends paddling in the water and taking photos - can never have enough photos :-)
On Wednesday we went to Adventure Park at Wallington with friends. The kids had a ball, loved the baby animals, paddle boats, mini golf - although after Seb getting 21 on one hole, we thought it better to give up at the 9th hole rather that the 18th !

On Thursday we went to Phillip Island for the day. Left at 8.30 in the morning and arrived in San Remo in time to watch the local pelicans being feed. Madeline counted 19, but was a bit confused as a few were taking off as others were landing. Fish & chips for lunch down at the beach - a bit cold and too windy to sit outside so ate in the car.

Went to A'mazing Things in Phillip Island after lunch . Mad & Seb loved the Optical Illussions display. As you can see - Heads on a platter - dont know how they got that way !!
Then we ventured into the huge maze. Sebastian led the way then "cracked it" as we kept going back to the same spot. After about 30 minutes we were finally led out by Madeline, what a relief, thought we were going to spend the night there.

We also went up to Nobbys beach to see the seals but none could be seen. It was so windy and cold we headed onto the penguin parade.
Madeline noticed a sign about adopting a penguin. She was already to adopt one and planning to pick one out to bring it home, had to break the news - we just pay for it and they stay there - was not happy about that idea.
All rugged up and sitting in the viewing area they started to arrived about 6.40pm. They were so small- as you walk back to the main building you can see them heading to their homes.
On Saturday it was the AFL grand final with Geelong playing Port Adelaide. Well Geelong is still in celebration mode 5 days later after winning by the biggest win and after 44 years trying to get that trophy. We are not football fans - but couldnt help get into the "blue & white" like everyone else. Mad & Seb decorated the letter box !
Sunday was the celebration for Mike & Joyces ( parents in law ) 50th wedding anniversary. Its was a miserable day outside, but a great day inside reliving old memories and catching up with the family.

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