Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sebastian and spiders .....

Sebastian has a small black plastic spider and has taken to thinking that if he hides it in places, he can scare the *&^%$ out of me !
I dont like spiders in any form - real or pretend.
2 nights ago he hid it under my pillow, 10.30 at night after watching CSI it was not a good idea .. this was after 3 other hiding places along with standing on it. I will give it to him that he hides "spidey" well.
So yesterday I went and got the hairy big one above - even the shop assistant scared me when she went and got it, I was distracted by something, looked away, looked back and there it was on the table ...heart rate back to normal a few minutes later ... I walked out with it in a big bag.
I hid it in his bed last night under his doona, it worked ... he he
Get up this morning I have hidden it on his cahir at the table , he hid his on the milk container, me - yes he got me again, him - it fell off the chair and all I got was "good one mum" .
might have to go hide his on him today ...
mean mean mummy xxxxxxxxx

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