Saturday, January 7, 2012

kindness of others...

I went to work today early as I was refunding Sebs shorts which I brought in September and won't go over his butt.!!
that child needs to stop growing for a few months

Anyway... when finished the girl said there was a present for me from a customer..
 Omg a stink bomb or something ? Lol

No it was from a lady who had an iPod with a damaged screen, small chip in it. we couldn't do anything, so I gave her Apples customer relations number and the store details ,she came in a few weeks later and said she contacted them and they are replacing it.
She was so happy and wanted to tell me and thank me for helping her out.

She left me the present as a Thankyou..
 A huge tin of quality street chocolates.

I wasn't sure If i could keep policy, but the store manager said I should.

So now which one to scoff first. The green triangle or yellow stick..

There are nice people out there,
 and today I felt good and was really
proud that someone thought of me
being kind & helpful...


Chris said...

That would make my day.

coral said...

You deserve it cos you are a sweetie.

coral said...

You deserve it cos you are a sweetie.