Monday, January 16, 2012

A day out ..

its still the summer school holidays
here and today was a warm one.
we decided to head to Melbourne
for the day.
1st stop was
go kart racing ..

Mad started off by getting out the pit
and hitting the tyre barrier...but it got better
to the point where she was a little speed
demon, and at one corner overlapping Seb
almost did a 360 turn and got herself back
the right way and off she went.

then into the city of Melbourne

The $40 million ferris wheel in the photo
is at Docklands - Victoria Harbour
it is almost 120m high,
around 38 storeys into the air featuring 21 air-conditioned glass cabins
 that showcase views stretching as far as Geelong.

Pity its half build as in
January 2009
excessive heat over a few days had buckled some bracing members.
April 2009
The Southern Star Observation Wheel - as its called now
was temporarily closed , and as a result of extensive design and technical reviews a conclusion was reached to build a new wheel.
The materials were imported and thought not to be up to Australian weather conditions standards.
December 2011
 The redesigned and partly rebuilt wheel started spinning for about a week ,then due to high winds
 breaking a winching arm, sending bolts flying and scattering workers.
So you can see..its still
there and being built ..
Once it gets going again, I dont think
I want to be the 1st to ride it.
We parked at Victoria Harbour
had lunch,
then they have a small amusement park..we have been
there before and both Mad & Seb are up for any rides

and then they saw Aqua Balls..

they had a ball, and didnt want to
get out ..

then onto the dodgems ...

Then into the actual city
for some retail shopping..
well for Mad anyway

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