Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fab 4 day out.....

The fab 3 - Helen Coral & Lissy
came down to me today.
there was an 1850's embroidery exhibition
and we were going to have a look.

Started out with morning tea..
Red Velvet cake
curtesy of Mariann ( wadsworth) in the USA
she sent me 3 boxes of this cake mix ..thankyou xx

Then after a 2 1/2 hour catch up
headed out for lunch to
a small little cafe.
such a warm and beautiful day we found a
table in the shade and ate.
We were handed these golden books ..HUH ????
they were the menus ...
the menu...
if you read closely..last item
The miguel ...
we ordered 4
but changed our minds and ordered the
yankee wagyu cheese burger instead ...
sounded devine and when it arrived
we looked at each other ..
what ???
it was tiny..see the sauce satchet beside it ..
it was a "slider" or mini burger
it was very tasty and we enjoyed it.

by time we finished catching up over
lunch it was too late for the exhibition ..

whe the 4 of us get together its chatter, laughter & food..

so back home for afternoon tea
provided by lissy..
small chocolate eclairs & the biggest
vanilla slice..

another good day out together even if we did
miss the exhibition ..

oh and another thing..
i brought an ornament tree.
I have wanted one for a while
and never saw one I liked..until now
I saw the photo, really liked the design
so ordered it over the internet.
ok so I didnt read the measurements ...

on how tall it was ....
yes its tall, if you look carefully on the
2nd tier from the top
there are a pr of small gingher scissors
hanging from the branch..
think its going to take a while
to fill it ...
or make it into an "everything " tree
christmas, easter, halloween, st pats day,
any other days ???


sharine said...

Sounds like a good day had by all and I love your ornament tree.

Helen said...

Hopefully the exhibition will be on again one day and next time we might even make it in time :) lol

Only the four of us could start out at 8.30 in the morning and miss the tour at 3pm due to food, chatter and

xstliss said...

What an amazing day with my amazing friends.