Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankyou from Madeline ...

Dear 123 stitch people
Thankyou everybody for sending me all my cards and presents. I really loved opening them all, and getting some of my own cross stitch patterns.
For my Birthday party on the weekend I went to get my nails done with some of my friends and I went bowling.
On my actual birthday I went out for tea at La Pochetta (it is a resutrant).
For my birthday I got an: Ipod, Hair gel, Bratz magic nails, perfume and I Dream of Jeannie season 4 dvd and bewitched pj's and I got lots of money all together I got $105.
love from Madeline.
some of the cross stitch presents I got
also some chocolates stickers and even a dollar

some of my cards I got

more cards and a big thankyou to:
Gerry H , Carolan B , Diane F, Shelly R, Simchah, Denise L,
Eileen B, .Anna H, Arielle R, Sandra P, Mary R ,Melissa ,
MagnaMatria ,Karen, Connie ,Susan S, Janet & girls, Debra,
Maddy, Marisa and family,Rose, Flossqueen, Clara, Teal ,
Leisa, Pamela, Christine, Chlo,e Sushi & girls, Phyllis,
Kathy aka Truck, Jenny, Wyosage, Helen, Lesley & Zachary,
Carr,y Didi, Lorayne ,Alayne.

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