Saturday, November 22, 2008

Birthday Party #1

Nails, subway, smiggles, donut king ....

First Madeline and 2 friends went to get a "glamapuss" minicure done at my nail salon. They all chose a french minicure, they got their nails buffed, filed and painted. The 3 of them were spoilt with hot chocolates and choc mint biscuits. They thought they were fantastic.

Then onto Subway for lunch and after a visit to Smiggles - a cute funky stationary shop. I gave them $10 each - a substitute for lolly bags and birthday cake. They were really happy about that and only took 45 mins to choose something :-) They all started off with different items but ended walking out with the same...

So after all that they needed a toilet stop and a drink so ended up at donut King for a donut and a bottle of water.

They are now home here for an hour then dropping them both back home at 4. I am sure they had a fantastic time.

Party #2 tomorrow

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