Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas day ...

 2 Fat Santas..
on the right is Seb ..
 getting the popper board ready..
more photos below

 nephew Tyler & Seb
 Little elf Knox
 we have a crappy $2 santa visit us
on christmas eve
 santa trying to sit..
we have presents like..
disposbale toilet seat covers
old Mcdonald happy meal toys..
daggy videos..
its such a laugh to see who gets the crappiest present
 Santa has been
 even to Milo
 milo loved his grunting pig..
 mad got a heap of clothes, vouchers,
beauty products, shoes, dvds
seb got an Xbox, games, and of course
his Man U T, shorts, socks & guards
Mad & Seb 

Now about our party poppers at Christmas.
about 15 years ago we started this "tradition" ..
We stick a strawberry & cream lolly on the end of the popper, then pull . The lolly then flies thru the air and someone on the otherside of the room tries to catch it in their mouth...
 Yes choking hazard big time !!
kids are not allowed to do it,
 they can catch it and all wear goggles .
Last year my brother Chris made a board that held 50,
this year they have upped the challenge between Chris, my cousin Shane, uncle and Sebs dad Jon
this is Sebs..Seb it holds 24...
 This is Jons..
it holds 205 ...
I am getting the fire extinguisher ready ..
 Safety is my first priority rofl..

 even jon screwed shoes to the board..

ready for the grand explosion...
 the mess.............

 Chris, Shane & my uncle didnt do theirs.
but did indivudual ones..
think we had over 500 poppers let off ..

 The Santa Hat Family

christmas tea at grannys..
she even got some
Man U crackers..
lucky me got a Man U key ring ..
Boxing day is my nephew Knoxs birthday
he was 3.
He had a Wiggles party and we all dressed as a wiggle.
I made the above ice cream cake.
chocolate with crushed maltesers
vanilla with choc mint chocolate
strawberry with fresh srawberries & marshmellow
its was devine..

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Lyn said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day with your family...I've never seen poppers used like that but I'm sure half the fun is in the preparation...