Thursday, December 22, 2011

Corals Christmas tree bikkies

One of my Fab 4 besties Coral
makes these bikkies every christmas since her boys
were little. She uses jelly tots on them. We have
been on hunting expeditions for them
on our fab 4 days out.
I found Jelly tots here...
so she shared the recipre with me
and these are my
Corals Christmas Tree Bikkies..
as now they are referred too..

I ran out of jelly tots, so used
some green & yellow M&M's
Seb wants to give a plate to his
teacher for christmas..
so off to plate them up and drop them off
thankyou dear Coral
for sharing your tradition xxxx


coral said...

You are very very welcome enjoy your Christmas Trees...It would be mutiny here if I didn't make them

Kim said...

They look great! I actually prefer the M&M's.