Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve ...

and the Santas are in the house..
yes 2 santas..
the one on the right with no shoes on is
in  blow up santa suit ...
tonight we have 16 here for a bbq tea, then we have
the $2 santa gift,very crappy ones given out
by the blown up santa...

some are sleeping over, then we will
have all 18 of us here for breakfast.
my uncle will slice the ham off the bone and we all have it on toast.
its been a family tradition for a very long time.
now the kids are getting into it, lining up
for there ham on toast, and choc milk..
then its present time ...
and all will be here for our traditional
hot lunch of ham, turkey, roast pork & chicken,
pickled pork. roast vegies galore, carrots, cauli, brocolli, beans
then my mums home made christmas pudding with
custard...and of course a coin or 2 in it..

then the party popper challenge..more details & photos later.
its going to be..well lets just say i have the fire extinguisher ready...

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Lyn said...

Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a lovely sounds busy....ham on toast is still something I start with on Christmas Day as well...