Sunday, December 18, 2011

A day in Bendigo

not shopping, but a
soccer tournament for Sebs
SAP program he was selected for.
The Wimmera region
held a day and off we went.
Left at 7.30am with huge supplies of water, food & sunscreen.
It was stinking hot, windy,
and the place we went to is under construction
so heaps of dust..therefore
dust storms ...YUKKK.
my least favourite things..heat, wind, dust ..
He played 3 games, and kicked 1 goal
in the last game, and had a great time.
I was so proud watching him as he played in
a team 2 years older than him and he did very well.

arrived home just after 8pm,
there was a demand for the shower as we
were all covered in dust, sweaty, stinky - especially Seb lol
and sunburnt.
I am postitve they need to bring out a factor 100 in sunscreen
for me, I lathered it on all of us, kids are a tinge red..
me... my arms and neck look like a beetroot

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Kim said...

Wow - great effort Seb! Lee-Ann, welcome to my world, early starts for sporting events miles from home! LOL. At least karate is done indoors :-)