Sunday, May 3, 2009

My weekend away

What a weekend and well worth waiting for..
With Kristeens generosity she opened her house/farm to us for the weekend.
It was fantastic, we got to see and feed all her animals - which was a treat when you live in surburbia.
We ate, chatted, ate, stitched, ate, had a few drinks, stitched, ate more ...
On the Saturday we had some day visitors and did the above again...
Sunday was time to go home..
I think we might have eaten way too much, laughed heaps, got to know each other so much better and put names to faces, and had a ball..
It was such a great way to spend a weekend with now very close and caring friends.
Coral presenting Melisa with her parents bushfire quilt. Melisa's parents lost their house in the 1st lot of bushfires. So some of the 123 girls stitched squares or donated money to help out the the fabric and quilting costs.


Baa Baa Ra and Megan the lamb

Kristeens alpaca's

L-R Coral, Lesley, Kristeen, Susan, Helen, Me..

At the Warburton patchwork teahouseon the Friday for lunch ...beautiful food and outstanding quilts. A beautiful place to visit. Thankyou Coral for introducing me to a wonderful place to visit again.

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