Sunday, May 17, 2009

white choc honeycomb mud cupcakes....

This was meant to be one cake, but I decided to double it and make cupcakes for my mums birthday cake.

the ganache did not work out .....
I whisked it till my arm hurt, it wasnt getting thick... then got out the beaters..nothing, so then added more cream...getting to how thick I want it...BLINKED - and it curdled !! looked like cottage cheese ... tasted ok, but the look wasnt the best LOL

so ended up whipping cream and folding a voilet crumble thru it, then adding more crushed voilet crumble on top..
Also I brought the pretty cupcake cases, and I am a little disappointed in can see the moisture of the cake thru them and they hve lost their "prettiness" ... oh well think they will get eaten anyway..

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Bronny said...

Still look yummy! I also linked your post to my recipe post..... (grin) You are such a good Mum to your kids!