Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

I woke up with a greeting with Happy Mothers Day - MUM
I received a cute teddy bear from Mad, and a candle / flower bowl from Seb - purchased from the school mothers day stall ..

and an I.O.U. in a letter for a book I wanted - store didnt have them so its on order.. Barbara Walters autobiography - but after getting home from soccer I was greeted with the book.
Sebastian & Jon went to the computer swap meet and called into Borders before the game.

Both Madeline & Sebastian were training as "master chefs" for breakfast, I was made 2 slices of toast with vegemite, and a choc milk with extra choc topping and a straw ...

They did Jons as well - and think his strawberry milk is going to give him a "high" for the day with the amount of stawberry topping LOL

My mum is coming up for tea, and in the letter there was also another surprise that i will get later - it also contained a hint - I dont have to make dessert ....

Me, my mum, Seb & Madeline

The Master Chefs after decorating their dessert

Dessert was yumm,
They made it yesterday and creamed and iced it today while I was sent to my room for an hour...

They got the recipe out of the Womans Weekly kids party cake book and Jon said they did it all themselves, measuring and all.

and their version was -

A butter cake with a jam and cream centre, covered in pink icing with maltesers & choc frogs ... LOL

And it was the best cake I have ever had xxxx


Bronny said...

You lucky one you - What a lovely way for your kids to show you they care - I love the cake - it looks yummy! I agree with you that it would be the best cake ever!

coral said...

Lee-Ann You are so lucky looks magnificent ...wonderful cooking and decorating guys.