Thursday, January 15, 2009

An unfurgetable day at

at Highpoint in Melbourne.
I drove there yesterday with Mad, Seb & my mum.. it was a great effort on my behalf to actually drive there and back, I never or have never driven past Werribee.
Both Mad & Seb had a great time building their bears. Mads is Coco, Sebs is Luke - yes after Luke skywalker/starwars, at least it wasnt Dick or Bruce from Batman which we have numerous things named after...
They got to pick their bear, then stuff it - soft/medium/hard - sounds like you are cooking a steak :-) both choose soft.
Then they got to make a wish on a small heart which is put inside the bears...oh how I would love to know the wishes of a 7 & 10 yr old ....
Then onto the bath - well air blower to "fluff" them up. Next the main bit - dressing them.
Seb wanted a soccer / superhero outfit ...none available, so settled on a police uniform, of course with matching hat and shoes. He was happy and done in 15 mins.
Madeline - well .....she would still be there trying on all the clothes if we didnt make her hurry up. with my mum ( think she was having fun ) helping her try on nearly every outfit in the shop, we ended up with a pr jeans and top, and with her money got a pink dressing gown.
Nearly 2 hours later - think they should have a coffee machine in there , we were finished and they were carring Coco & Luke home.
Mum spend big - a tattslotto ticket, me - a measuring cup....
It was a unfurgatable day...

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