Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

Happy New Year
Very quite night night last night, we watched the 9pm fireworks on t.v., then the kids went to bed. I stayed up with the dog - Milo and watched The Full Monty. Last time I watched that was in the air flying to the UK in Feb 1998. The plane t.v's had a slight problem - one screen was all red, the other blue, so it was actually good to see the movie in complete colour.. haha
Today we slept in and have spent the day playing the Wii and Wii fit. It is so much fun. Just having a quite tea of chicken and salad, and also picked up a "Rays" plum pudding from Coles really cheap. we all love plum pudding so having it with custard and cream yummmm.
Hope everyone has a fantastic 2009 New Years Resolution
to be happier and laugh more....
Happy New Year all
Lee-Ann xxxx

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