Monday, January 5, 2009

A visit to.....

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
Yes we went to have a try as they are new in Geelong...I did enjoy it but for the price, I dont think we will go again.
For $22.10 we got 3 ice creams ...I could buy a few tubs for that, but we did enjoy it.

My tub was cookies & cream ice cream smashed with maltesers and a tim tam...yumm

Sebs was cookies & cream ice cream smashed with a choc mint slice and a flake

Mads was cookies & cream ice cream ...yes another one ..smashed with a flake and a choc fudge brownie

We also went shopping and while in Westfield Geelong Madeline noticed a familiar face ... Rory from Big Brother. We watched the friday night games and went and saw a taping when we were in Queensland.
He was really nice and chatted to both of them and was very nice when i asked if I could take a photo.
Yes I had a camera in my bag, I went and brought a smaller one that I now carry everywhere since the "Kylie Incident" I havent got over the fact I couldnt use my camera...

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Sandy said...

Well, I always want to try Cold Rock when it is advertised, but not at that price!!! Glad you enjoyed it.