Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm here, but not doing much

After working all week , running 2 kids around, then the household stuff, and having one very helpful mum who comes up once a week to cook for us. I provide the food..she cooks it.. Im loving it..mums cooking - nothing better than that.

So I'm not getting much stitching done..but I have made some progress on
LK Halloween Rules, love the colours in it.

We also have a Melbourne stitches & Craft show coming up at the end of July, and like I need anything more like a hole in the head, I went thru my stash and pulled the charts I want fabric for. It will be a Fab 4 gtg. And then the week after we have our official Fab 4 gtg here.

Also news here... Mad went to the cinema yesterday, after coming out, she played one of those stupid $2 a go arcade games ...well she won a Mario cart WII bundle... She was so excited as she wanted the IPad but she selected the WII in stupid excitement. I rang up the guy who runs/manages the machines and explained we already have a WII and any chance of swapping..yes no her dad will go swap it tomorrow..

Ok so now I don't think they are

And only 4 more sleeps to Mad & I go see Lady Gaga...apparently we can dress up but no meat dresses, glass, play guns or nudity allowed.. nudity!!! Lol

Lee-Ann xx


Chris said...

Great progress on Rules. It sounds like you are really busy.
I can't wait to hear about your concert and to see what you wear :)

Bette said...

How nice that they'll swap out the prise for Mad. Lovely stitching.