Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Fab 4 day out...

We havent had one for a while,
but today made up for it.
Breakfast at Laurent..
and then shopping...

makeup for me,
cook books and pie dishes for Lissy & Coral
and shoes for me and Lissy
I got these..

love the pink polka dot ones...
and had to get the purple..

girls twisted my arm...
really they did ..

and then we convinced Lissy to get
a similar pink polka dot pr...

are we pathetic or what ??  lol

lunch back at Laurent

and a disappointing afternoon tea at the
Hopetoun tea rooms ..

we think because everything is in the front
window under lights..with some cooling - ice on the bottom shelf ..
and being 3pm, it wasnt very fresh ..
and Corals pot of tea which was on the very weak side
we still enjoyed the company ...

1 comment:

Chris said...

Sorry that your tea was disappointing, but those fabulous chucks make up for it!!