Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sebs 10th Birthday

Opening presents and Milo making sure
everything is ok..hey there might be something for him in there lol
An authentic Man U training top
from the UK like the players wear,
he also got PJ's - but dont think they wear those ..

some of the more favourite presents..he also got
clothes ..but they aren't as exciting as these..

the cake ..a soccer ball ..well 1/2 of one
a full ball was to much cake for all of us..
yes I did say to much cake
he gets to choose breakfast and tea/dinner , so we had hot cross buns
and choc flavoured milk for breakfast.
tea is either pizza or fish & chips and then cake ..
he has also received so many cards and packages from my wonderful
stitching friends, so will take a photo
on the weekend with all those.
another lot just arrived and a box ..

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