Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sebs 10th birthday party ...

Seb had his birthday party last night
Saturday - with 4 friends
at LaserStrike ..its a
laser shooting thingy ..oh so nice lol
But they have so much fun..

all suited up and applying makeup ..whoops ..
war paint ..

the boys..who were also joined
by Sebs dad Jon, and my brother Chris

group photo ...such a nice group
shot of guns and big ones too ..

Seb taking aim ...

my nephew Tyler ..think he loved the
makeup - oh sorry .. war paint a little to much ..

Chris - a little battle tired ..

Seb ..and I do think this is a nice
photo even with
a gun and war paint
Jed ..who really gets into the game, even to the point
of pulling out weeds and putting them
in his hat for camaflauge ..
Seb & Jon
Tyler & Chris ...
such family bonding ...

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Carolyn said...

Well I must say that it looks like they all had a wonderful time...even the big "boys". LOL Sounds like a wonderful birthday party, and I love all the pictures! HUGS