Thursday, March 31, 2011

A visit to the gym ...

BUT ..not to work out ..never

It was the opening of my brothers

new gym ..

Cross Fit.

he already has a gym, but has

decided to stop bootcamps, Kokoda track tours

and concentrate just on this ...

They had a good turnout for the open day

last Saturday, lots of yummy and healthy food,

competitions, face painting

and a gorrilla to hand out lollypops to the kids

although i think he frightnened them more .lol

This is my mum on the left, my cousin Shane aka ..gorilla

and his mum and my aunty ...

got to get a cuddle from the hairy man ..

look what I can do ...

Seb & Mad helping out
Seb in his Collingwood jumper and face painted

as he was going to the game that afternoon.