Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mayahs Christening ..

was today and she wore my
christening dress..
I wore it 44 years ago...
this is me..
6th August 1967
when I was christened.

this is
 Madeline Georgia
5th April 1999
she was never baptised / christened
but did get her in the dress
for photos

this is
Mayah Selina
13th November 2011

 Me & my niece Mayah

all the wearers of the dress,
me , Mad & Mayah

it would have been a better photo
if Seb wasnt doing a silly smile

my mum, me Mad & Mayah
the cake mum & I made


coral said...

Mayah certainly looks like your side of the family. I love the last photo.

sharine said...

She is beautiful.