Sunday, November 27, 2011

birthday cake #2 and party...

 Mad wanted the big cupcake again
black & white this time..
choc mud cake inside..
 we did a black & white theme ...
 the non alcohlic punch,
which i knew i should have spiked with sleeping tablets
after finally getting to sleep at 2.30am   :-)

 the birthday girl ..
 we played silly games
inbetween them having the music blarring
and dancing ..
one was a piece of bubble gum on the bottom
of  a plate, then covered in
whipped cream - we got the tin stuff ..
they then had to find the gum, and 1st to blow
a bubble won..
between the giggles and cream everywhere
they had a great time

the 13th birthday celebrations
are almost over.
5 still here waiting to be picked up
after breakfast of
pancakes with ice cream, fresh strawberries, maple syrup
and choc or strawberry Big M's..

I think she had a great 2 days ...

next .....
the christmas tree to go up


Julie said...

Looks like lots of fun. I love the giant cupcake!

Mel said...

The Giant Cupcake looks yummy! Looks like it was heaps of fun

Kim said...

Looks awesome, can I come be in your family?? I made a similar orange cupcake for my dad last year, not as stunning as yours though.