Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mums 70th birthday ...

What a week its been ...busy and sick ...
Last Wednesday & Thursday I started a new
job..same company but not at the store supervising
or working nights & weekends, but at the Head Office
during the day ... I have been doing both
jobs for the last 2 weeks, training day here, day there ...
and yesterday was my last day at the store...
stocktaking of all things till 11pm ..

Last Thursday I wake up with the dreaded
sore throat which by Friday delveloped into
fevers, chills, coughing know..
the flu !!
I had also done something to my idea what ..

Friday was mums 70th Birthday and my brother, SIL
and us were having a party on the Sat night
for her for 35 ...

Friday we took her out for a nice lunch,
then I headed home to prepare..

Saturday morning I wake up to this

I still have no idea what I did ..but think I did a good job
of it  :-)
it was swollen, red & hot and very sore to move..
so after wrapping it up, taking any pain killer
I could find in the house.. which was
 good old nurofen -  for the wrist and flu ..
and now it was party day ..

We had part of it catered for, the other I cooked ..
all finger food .. it was such a  great night
and a great surprise to mum when 2 of our
cousins turned up from Queensland ..we knew they
were coming ..she didnt ...

We  hired a marquee, attached it to the pergola and an outdoor heater
and had it outside.
 Seb Mad & Tyler ..
 me, mum & chris
 mum and me
mum and mad ...

the cake turned out greast after
an emergency trip to the
supermarket for more chocolate
after the first lot of ganache
decided not to work a quick Help
call to Helen to tell me what I knew ..
it was turfed in the bin
and started again ..

I never get sick, but made a good job of it this time
I still have a sore wrist..but getting better
the flu or cough is still hanging on ...
and new job starts from tomorrow ..


Vicky said...

Sorry to hear about the flu and wrist.
Glad your mums birthday went off well.
It is my mums 70th in June and I am heading over to NZ for that LOL

dulcinella said...
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dulcinella said...

Sorry, had to start again:-( I hope you'll feel better soon. The pictures from the party are great. Your mom seems to enjoy it immensely! And she loks stil much younger then 70.

Chris said...

I hope that you are over the flu and that your wrist has improved. It looks very painful!
What a wonderful family celebration!
Congratulations on the new job! Enjoy the office hours versus the store hours :)

Bette said...

Hope you're feeling better. Seb & Tyler look like they could be brothers! Very handsome young men.

Helen said...

You did a fantastic job Lee-Ann!

Everything is picture perfect and you certainly put on an amazing night your Mum will remember and cherish :)

p.s Just remember your catering for my 60th ;)