Saturday, August 2, 2008

Introducing ????

I cant tell you if I am going to be an Aunty to a neice or nephew, because my mean brother wont tell me. And if he does I wont believe him after the the "joke" he pulled on me and my mother.

They went for an ultrasound last Wednesday, on Thursday he txt me and said if I can keep a secret and not tell mum, its a girl. He then told me my SIL had told mum .

So I spoke to mum asking "whats new", her reply ..."dont know, whats new with you ", this went on a few times back and forth, and with mum threating that santa wont be coming to me unless I spill the beans on what I know. I gave in, cause santa has to come..

I told her I like "pink", she laughed and said " she liked blue and we have be conned." Rang my brother and asked " you having twins, or just being a *^%% !!. -cant write what i called him. :-)

So I have no idea what this baby is going to be, but whatever he/she is we will love and adore.

Baby is due 23rd December its going to be an interesting christmas. Here are 2 photo's so far.

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