Monday, October 13, 2008

Bills Orchids

These are photos of my orchids that I was given by my neighbour and good friend Julie. Her father Bill passed away 2 yrs ago and one of his loves was growing orchids. He would also show them and won many awards for them.

When he died the family didnt know what to do with his orchids roughly 50 of them. Julie asked if I would like 1 or 2 , I said yes I would love them as I had met Bill quite a few times. Well i ended up with 15 pots.

I really need to repot them and Julie and I need to get together and do hers as well, but until then all I do is water them, tidy them up, give them orchid food - when I remember ..and they are striving.

Here are 4 stems so far, there are probably another 20 budding now.

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Bette said...

What beautiful orchids! And what a nice way to remember your friend's father.