Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sebs banana custard pie

Sebastian wanted to make a tart / pie on the weekend for dessert.
So we got the Masterchef sweet shortcrust pastry recipe and off he went.
We filled it with banana custard.
he did a fantstic job...except guess who didnt do the dishes, but went to play on the trampoline ? A hint - it wasnt me ..haha

rubbing the butter into the flour

getting ready to roll ... with a bit to much flour ..

He remembered he had to prick the base of the pie before it cooked.

The banana custard pie.


Lizy said...

I bet Sebs banana custard pie was so good enjoy Lizette

riona said...

Good for him ... I'm sure the whole family enjoyed his efforts. And, at his age, I would have tried to sneak out onto the trampoline, too!

Sandy said...

Yum :) Now he has mastered cooking onward and upward to dish duty LOL