Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In 6months, 1 week and 6 days ....

We will be meeting this couple in their home ....


for 17 fun filled..and I mean filled days ..

Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Venice Beach, Las Vegas,

Legoland , the Walk of Fame,

and Rodeo Drv ( dont think I can afford anything here haha)

and anything else we can fit in.

And the first thing I have demanded in doing is fulfilling my lifelong dream..
riding in the PINK TEACUP ...
yes it has to be the pink one and if anyone is in it - God help them haha
Ever since the Wonderful World of Disney on Channel 7 on Sunday nights and seeing the girl ride in the pink tea cup ... it has been my dream to do it...yes simple I know.
I could dream of ending world hunger, getting world peace, winning tattslotto - thats my 2nd dream ...but NO ...its the pink teacup ride...
Also while we are there Sebastian will be turning 9, so we will be having a birthday breakfast with the characters from Disneyland and spend the day there.
The next day will be his day in Legoland.. ( we were meant to go there for his birthday but they dont open on Wednesdays - his birthday :-( )

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Bette said...

Oh, what fun you all will have. A trip of a lfetime. And if you're heading to las Vegas, maybe you can go just a little further and see the Grand Canyon. Of course, I'm a little prejudiced living in Arizona. You will love it all. Especially Disney Land and Universal Studios.