Friday, September 4, 2009

Football team day at school ....

At school today they had
"come as your football team "
Of course Sebastian had to wear his
Manchester United soccer outfit.

Madeline doesnt have a team so went with the
Blue & White
Geelong ....
but only a scarf and some face paint ...
oh and...
blue & white beads in her hair..
nothing like spending and hour & 1/2 plaiting and beading her hair the night before..


Bronny said...

I'm sure it was worth the effort - what did the other kids at school think??

Kim said...

My kids have their footy day coming up at the end of term. They don't really barrack for any football teams, but from past years we have carlton and st kilda stuff, so we'll recycle that, LOL.
Love the new look blog too!