Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some pretties and a monster !!

I went to my 1st Cupcake decorating class last night, another 3 to go and really enjoyed it.
We were given the cupcakes and butter icing and also had a kit to buy.
I have never had a class in decorating before, always just did "my thing"
So its good to actually learn the proper way LOL
Not my colours of choice ..except the purple one -which in the photo came out blue..
Here are some pretty cupcakes ...sorry about the fuzzy photos, took them last night and the camera was not co-operating for some reason. And I knew the cakes wouldnt last long in this house !

And a monster
he is actually a bright purple not blue !
Sebastian is thinking about taking this for for show and share -then eat at school tomorrow...


coral said...

Lee-Ann they are terrific !!!

Bette said...

What cute cupcakes! Bet they taste as good as they look

Bronny said...

Oh I love the monster! - did he make it to school???