Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankyou Indira Naidoo ...

Seb holding the Masterchef Masterclass DVD
we won from Indira Naidoo.
She was on the first episode of Celebrity masterchef..and sadly didn't win :-(

And she autographed it for us ..
Thank you Indira xx and can't wait to watch it.


Mel said...

wow thats so cool that she signed it for you.
I thought Indira should have won! I would have loved to see her in the semi finals

Lee-Ann said...

Mel..I asked if she would LOL

and i also think she should have won ... Michelle Bridges disappointed me in last Wednesdays show ... I thought she would get thru easy..

Mel said...

Me too! If only the fish was cooked properly!!!!!!!!

I am glad she got through anyway

karen said...

I just came across your blog whilst bloghopping and I have to say your cupcakes anr amazing and I love love love your christmas countdown quilt. Can I be really cheeky and ask how you attached the blackboard in the center.

Lee-Ann said...

Hi Karen, thanks for visiting xx The blackboard is actual fabric, its thick and its also easy to sew with the machine.

I have no idea where to buy it as I got it in the kit.

Lee-Ann said...
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徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.