Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weekend with a friend ...

One of my most favourite friends came for the weekend, no children, just us 2.
I took her to the loveliest quilting shop and spent a fortune..and I dont even quilt LOL
We spent the weekend stitching..the most we have ever stitched together, ate heaps, laughed heaps, played Just dance on the Wii..and she was whinging that I was trying to kill her..
well maybe to get her stash LOL
and had the most fantastic time with her.
thanks Helen xxx
Brought the pattern for the Li'l Blokes that I loved from the bag.

Melly and Me which the kids loved and they want to do
and this bag I want to make up to use as a stitching bag, but going to do it in
soft rose pinks, creams.
But when will this happen ????


Anonymous said...

I had a BALL!!!! did indeed try to kill me with that Wii Just Dance!
My problem is I can't laugh that hard and dance (if that's what one calls it when you have two left feet) at the same time..

Don't worry I've already told the kids my stash is your when I die.
Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't tell you that bit? lol

Can't wait to do it all again one day...

Helen xxx

Mandy said...

OH go & make Fido. I have done him. He is great!